Discover the Magic of Venice at Christmas Time

You'll have the opportunity to learn and develop sea kayaking skills and to use your new found repertoire to bring you enjoyment on the shores of a foreign land, a secluded island, or a wilderness waterway.

For close to 30 years we have been teaching sea kayakers at all levels from novices to eco-challenge competitors the necessary skills to achieve paddling proficiency. Whether it be a three-hour skills focused workshop or one of our multi-day overnight trips in the US, Canada or abroad, we continue to maintain a position at the cutting edge of technical instruction, offering just the right amount of direction for optimal results. The selection of trips we have chosen are to destinations and locales we feel offer extraordinary views of the world in which we live. Several have received critical acclaim on an international level, but it is ultimately what we hear from you that gives us the basis on which to develop still more trips of note!

The H2Outfitters staff won't overwhelm you with constant reminders of who we are or our expertise, you can make that judgment yourself. We would rather be gauged upon our ability to teach and let you evaluate the depth of your improvement. We won't bore you with trite cliches and timely phraseology you won't find anything crafted or a single item described as artisanal; the only art or craft you'll get from us will be what you acquire as a student or as a fellow team member on one of our trips. If you're looking to belly-flop on rocks, do a major overhaul on your boat at sea, or underwater rotations in place for hours on end you'll be out of luck here at H2O! On the other hand, we can help you to develop the ability to avoid obstacles and consequently, keep your boat in tiptop condition while still exercising your, (and its), abilities to perform and perform well.

Our motto of "We Take Fun Seriously" has kept our perspective and mission statement clear. With paddle in hand our stalwart staff has been able to explore the varied coastline of our home state, Maine, travel up and down the East Coast teaching on the ocean, on the rivers and even in a few pools, always keeping the Fun Factor in mind! Our goal has been to develop good paddlers with consistent skills and an increased level of confidence on the water. Once a foundation is established, the road to adventure opens up and for us that is truly the "Fun" of paddling.

Adventure happens! And whether it's here or abroad, with a base in the shelter of a tent or in a cozy B&B, kayaking provides you with a view of the world that is unequaled. The adventure we find is not exclusively water-based, rather it becomes an experience that consists of the people, their history and the region in which we are visiting. Sharing cross-cultural experiences, providing superior service and safety, and offering you, our clients, adventure that is out of the ordinary, are the cornerstones of our commitment. We've got a trip for you, one that you'll enjoy and remember for years to come.

In the spirit of the outdoors...