The island archipelago of Japan is a land of contrasting harmonies, and this ever present quality becomes a prevailing condition of our journey. The juxtaposition of nature and tradition against technology and development presents the backdrop for an adventure for a lifetime.  From the busy seaport of Osaka to the sacred island precinct of Miyajima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, our group of paddlers will come to understand firsthand the complexities of this island nation.  This is a voyage we have been taking since the late 90's and we have formed long lasting relationships with the local people, businesses, and the areas in which we paddle.  Our group will participate in a traditional tea ceremony, relax at the end of the day in thermal Onsen hot springs, and indulge in gustatory delicacies unique to each region we visit. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial is at once humbling and spiritual, sending a clear message of our ability to destroy, while leaving a lasting impression for hope.  The ancient cities of Nara and Kyoto are on our agenda also, providing a clear view into Japan's past.  All this is connected, appropriately, by in-country travel on the country's Shinkansen high speed bullet trains!  And so, the principles of Wabi-Sabi apply as we venture from one realm to the next...


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